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8 Jun

So it’s another one of those all too familiar nights in college where I question everything I’m doing and my majors and my career path and my classes and why why why why why am I doing all of this. I feel unneccesarily stressed out. Like it’s summer, I should not be feeling like this right now. While I sit here watching more Friends reruns and googling potential jobs for my degrees in progress, I can’t help but feel lost. I don’t have the slightest clue what I want to do with my life. Well, that is actually a lie. I know I want to make money, and be creative, and be able to travel. I just don’t know HOW to get there. And I think that is the problem a lot of college kids, and people in general, face all too often. I was talking to my friend Shane tonight about how I was having a college-life-crisis. Ya know, the kind where you freak out and think your every move is the wrong one and the world is just crumbling around you. So I decided something. 

I’m going to add fashion merchandising to my field of study. Why? I freakin’ love clothes. And making outfits. Now that may be hard to believe because I wear norts and oversized sorority tee shirts 6/7 days of the week, but my closet is overflowing with outfits that are dying to see the light of day. And I think it’s about time I took them out for a spin. As well as my passion.

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to study fashion. From spending 3rd grade science class drawing dresses wth my friends, to keeping an actual list of the clothes I owned and potential outfits for each article of clothing (I was crazy and my friends were crazy for helping me do this), I loved fashion. I was always fascinated by the designers I lusted over like Prada and Jimmy Choo and was captivated by the infinite possibilities that the world of fashion had. It is endless. It is eternal. It is everchanging. But this post isn’t meant to dive into the nitty gritty of why I love fashion so much. That is the farthest thing from the point.

I forgot about my passions. I neglected them for so long that I almost forgot they existed. Until I sat here, feeling lost, and very confused, they were so far out of sight, that they weren’t even in the back of my mind. That was when I realized that I was lost. Because I lost my passions. If you ever feel lost, it is probably because you aren’t doing something that you’re actually passionate about. Yes, I find the worlds of marketing and management interesting. But I am not in LOVE with them. I know that they have potential for a well-paying job in the future, but marketing strategies don’t get me going quite like a beautiful Italian leather handbag would. So, it is time for me to get back into my passion. I will keep studying business, but I need my passion to get me back on track. I don’t even care if it will cause me to not graduate early. I will not be miserable and confused for the next two years, and that is reason enough for me.

I think a lot of college kids feel the pressure to study certain things because their parents want them to, or they only want the money. And I was definitely one of those for a while, because I know I have expensive taste and will need a good paying job. But in the end, I was sacrificing my future for my sanity. Except now my future will be just as bright with even more possibilities, and I will finally have peace in college. Now I trust the path that I’m taking, all because I re-found my passion.



30 More Things

6 Jun

I’m feeling a lot of love lately; from my family, boyfriend, friends, and life in general. It’s been a rough few weeks, but I am finally reaching the light at the end of the tunnel. 

So, I present to you 30 things: Significant Others Edition.

1. When guys agree to going to see a chick flick with you WITHOUT making you promise to see a bro movie. Not that I would mind, because I do love a good action flick, but a date shouldn’t feel like a trade off. 

2. Or when they call you to wake you up. Let’s see, would you rather hear your significant other’s voice? Or an obnoxious, blaring alarm clock? I vote for a “Good morning beautiful!”

3. If he knows your favorite coffee or chick fil a or bojangles order and surprise you with it every once in a while. 

4. Introducing you as their significant other. Nothing is more annoying than being on a date and being referred to as a “friend” or worse…. “pal”.

5. Planning dates. Not that being spontaneous isn’t fun (because it is and I love spontaneous dates too), but when someone takes the time to plan out the details, that takes effort and a whole lotta love. 

6. Keeping your favorite drink at their place. It’s small, yes, but I love going to my boyfriends apartment knowing that I have my own little case of diet coke waiting for me. It’s like keeping a toothbrush at his place, except cuter. 

7. Doesn’t complain about you getting ready, but rather complements you throughout the process. Yessssss I know, us girls are totally guilty of spending a fair amount of time getting ready to go just about anywhere. But, if he can be patient, tell you that your outfit is great and that your hair looks wonderful, then he deserves a gold star and a real big kiss.

8. Putting your necklace on for you. Maybe you can do it yourself, and maybe you geniunely need help. But it’s sweet, in an old romantic movie type of way.

9. Schooling other not-couples with you in beer pong. There is nothing more flattering than being referred to as the power couple. This goes for anything though. Do something together, and be good at it. And have fun, duh. 

10. If you aren’t doing something together, cheer each other on. This goes on both sides. I may not looooove lacrosse but I would absolutely cheer him on. And vice versa!

11. Talking about the future. These conversations are the bane of every girls existence because they can go one of two ways, and that anxiety is enough to near kill a person (I thought I was going to faint multiple times). But just to know where things are going is important, and if the discussion goes towards the happier lovey side of things, then wonderful! If not, at least he had the respect to discuss it.

12. Getting to know your family, and let you get to know theirs. I love seeing my boyfriend talk to my little sisters; hands down the cutest thing ever. And I love talking to my boyfriends mother. I will stop there on my drives up to see him just to see her and catch up, sorry merp.

13. Public displays of affection. No, I do not mean sucking face in a crowded mall. I mean catching your glance and smiling at you, or blowing you a kiss. Little reminders of “Hey, youre mine, and I love you”.

14. Helping you with homework. This works best if you’re studying similar things, but if not, he can help you with flash cards or something. Someone that wants to see you succeed is so important. I ask Nathan countless things about finance homework because 1. I dont care about finance and 2. it’s his major. And he doesn’t want to see me fail this class, and so far I have a B so let’s keep this one going! My friend Shane, also a business major, helps his girlfriend, Megan, a nursing major, study for her classes. Remember, be their cheerleader! Help em out!

15. Netflix binging. Someone who won’t judge your for your sick obsession with house of cards is nice. Someone who will indulge in a binge watching session with you is incredible. Try to limit this to an every once in a while type thing…. seeing the light of day is also important.

16. Going on walks. This is less fun in the dead heat of a southern summer because humidity is horrible, but getting out of the house together, walkin’ and talkin’ and getting some sun. Relaxing, and it beats another round of Netflix binging!

17. If he will go shopping with you, winner right there. Don’t be that girl and drag him into 500 shoe stores and Victoria’s Secret and Lilly Pulitzer and and and and and….. But let him help you pick out a new date dress or something. And when you wear it, he’ll be proud of himself for snagging that gem! And picking out the dress too.

18. Volunteering together. Go serve at a soup kitchen, walk dogs at a shelter. Anything that will give back, and enjoy every second of it. Someone who has a philanthropic heart is rare and beautiful.

19. Being able to do things separately. While I love spending time with my boyfriend, nobody likes the couple that is joined at the hip and doesn’t let go. I like being able to meet up with my girls for coffee and conversation just like he likes going to the lacrosse fields with his brother to rip twine (I think that’s what they call it). 

20. Cooking together, or for one another. I accept my boys help in the kitchen with open arms. Or I let him take the wheel completely. And then sometimes I make him watch Colbert Report while I chef something up for us. But it’s always better doing it together.



23. Don’t ever stop flirting. With each other, of course.

24. Friendly competition. My boyfriend and I will never see eye to eye for NFL teams. And that rivalry will keep us going, I’m convinced. 

25. Laughing together as much as possible. I have a hideous laugh (at least I think so). And I did not stop laughing once on our mini-road trip to and from Boone this weekend. Laughter is key. It is cliche, but so so so true. 

26. Go places together! I love day trips to Charleston. But there is a looooong (and growing) list of places I want to see with him. So we will keep checking them off!

27. Learn to forgive. We will alllllll make mistakes, we’re only human. 

28. Admit when you are wrong. I hate it as much as the next person, but the only thing worse than being wrong is fighting tooth and nail that you’re right when everyone knows you arent. 

29. Take naps. The couple that naps together stays together. That’s the saying, right?

30. Love them. No matter what, don’t you ever let them forget it.



30 Things

2 Jun

Brief summary of my past few days…

-Started doing HIIT training again (If you’re busy like I am, I highly recommend it because it doesn’t take up a ton of your time, but delivers an intense, full body workout).

-Crafted some more

-Got hired as a teller at Wells Fargo down here in Columbia!

-Cleaned my apartment from top to bottom, then messed it up again when I dumped out my craft box.


BUT now for the actual meaning of this post…. 30 things I know to be true.

1. You may feel more productive waking up early, but you will feel more rested if you let your body sleeeeeeeeep. 

2. There is nothing more hellacious than summer classes because all you want to do is tan and earn money and all you can do is earn money and write papers.

3. Everyone should work a retail job at some point in their life. I promise you, the lessons you will learn are innumerable. Make sure it’s a store you frequent, because the discounts don’t hurt.

4. There are some things that its okay to cheap out on; milk, dishwaser detergent, bread. There are some things that is is NOT EVER okay to cheap out on; bras/swim suits, jeans, foundation.

5. When you find what you’re passionate about, doing it won’t bother you.

6. You will get pulled over. You will get speeding tickets. And it is okay.

7. It is not okay to argue with the cop. Always be nice, they may drop it drop it low on the spot, and lessen your fine.

8. If you plan to get bangs, plan on partaking in the upkeep they require, and how much of a committment they are. I got mine and regretted them the next day.

9. It’s okay to have the next five years planned when you’re 20. It’s also okay not to have the next five days planned when you’re 20.

10. Watch your mother; what she drinks, what she wears, how she acts. Mine taught me to love sandals, being tan (but also wearing sunscreen), and that moscato is delicious. She obviously taught me more, but that is for another post.

11. If you plan on buying something online, check Amazon first. No tax, free shipping, and things are usually cheaper anyway. Jack Rogers sandals retail for about $108-$138. I got mine on Amazon for under $90, free shipping and no tax.

12. Groupon is awesome too. Many a dates (that would have otherwise been unattainable) have been had because of Groupon.

13. Get on authority figure’s good sides. Come grading time, your professor may be more apt to round up for a student who was super nice to them. Proof: I brought my economics professor diet coke before the final, ended up with a B+. I will never know how. I would love to say because of my diligent studying, but I cannot tell a lie. Econ is tough, and my grades reflected it, until that point.

14. Any arguments along the lines of “Who’s favorite sports team is better” are simply un-winnable. Trust me.

15. Target is your best friend. And if it isn’t, it should be.

16. If there is not one song that evokes tears, you’re doing life wrong.

17. Friends will tell you you’re making a mistake and shun you for it. True friends will tell you you’re making a mistake, and still support you.

18. Michael Kors watches are a fad. Leggings are not. 

19. If you watch a disney movie on Netflix, the next time you sign in, you will be asked if it’s you or your kids watching.

20. Knowing a little bit about where you’re from is important. I don’t mean the state you were born, I mean your heritage. 

21. You can accomplish literally anything. If I can overcome a shopping addiction/crappy credit score, you can do whatever you set your mind to.

22. Manners are severely underrated. Nobody notices if you have them until you don’t use them.

23. People from the North have just as many manners as people from the south, and that is NOT up for discussion.

24. Mistakes are expensive, both figuratively and literally. Learn from other’s mistakes.

25. ABC Family will not ever come out with a worth while TV series.

26. Ask and you shall receive. Also, the I before E rule is such crap.

27. Green Tea frappuccinos are absolutely terrible.

28. So are most movies that skip the theaters and go right to DVDs.

29. I regret getting an American made car.

30. A good cheeseburger is also severely underrated.