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Fave Five//Pure Bliss

21 Jan

This week, I’m obsessed with a few things.



1. Bangerz by Miley Cyrus

2. C25K (Couch to 5K) training app

3. Anything from Chick Fil A.

4. Printed leggings, found on The Hunt

5. “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro, novel

Judge me all you want, but Bangerz is a solid jam sesh album. If you don’t enjoy belting out an out of key rendition of “Wrecking Ball” or cruise down the highway blasting “Do My Thang”, you aren’t doing it right. The C25K app is what will aid me in running my first 5K in April. I hate running with a burning passion, and I probably still will at the end of this. Running by choice = eh, running for a cause = hell yeah. Chick Fil A is Gods gift to those living below the Mason Dixon, and a few lucky cities above and to the west. Printed leggings are such a perfect thing for a college kid. They dont scream “slacker” as much as the standard black ones do (which I still wear and own), and are such a fun twist on a basic item. Dress em up with silk tops, dress em down with shacker tees. “Never Let Me Go” is what is proving to be a heartwarming novel, where the past happens to pop right back up when you least expect it. Find it for cheap on!


This past weekend, I was restored to my boyfriends loving arms, and the chilly temperatures of Boone, North Carolina. And I was happy, just so geniunely happy. It then occurred to me, that not everyone feels this pure bliss I feel so much. And that just really sucks. I feed off of other people’s happiness; it makes my day. When my friends are happy, so am I. When total strangers flash a genuine smile my way, I smile right back. Someone that I typically want to punch in the face is thrilled about life? Hey, good for you. I’m really happy for you. And why? Like really… why do I care about other people being happy? 

Because I know how awesome it is to feel completely happy, and I think everyone deserves that feeling.

From little things, like the person before you in line buying your breakfast (A SC senator bought me breakfast at Chick Fil A last week!), to major things like being accepted into a killer grad school program, any sensation of happiness is a good one, and I want everyone to have a little bit of happiness.

Breaks my heart to see people so… negative all the time. You know those types, who are always down on themselves, everything sucks, everyone sucks, relationships suck, school sucks, the list goes on and on…..


Hey, if you want school to suck, and be forever alone, and generally be a miserable person, fine. But I know for certain that nobody actually wants that, rather doesnt care to search for happiness. Sometimes, you get lucky and happiness finds you, but that isn’t always the case. Some people search high and low for that little bit of bliss. 

UGH bottom line people, just be happy, and if you can’t be happy, at least be optimistic.



Celeb Shot

16 Jan

Let me preface this post by letting you all know that I did not write this. I have been sufering with some serious writers block lately, so I turned to my lovely boyfriend, Nathan, for some help. These words are all his, and the editing I did was solely grammatical. So, without further adue, here is his guest post, that I am so proud of. You go, merp. Enjoy!



Well for those of you who had your share of fun in college, high school, even middle school (hey I’m not one to judge, as you’ll soon learn) then you should already know that this is not your beloved blonde girl talking.  No, this is my “celeb shot” on her blog, so, let me down easy.  Loyal readers of, I come to you not as a man, but as a dick; a dick who has seen the error of his dick-ish ways and wishes to share with the world his ideas of how not to end up like me.  Now I don’t have all the answers y’all will be looking for, and if I did, they wouldn’t be on this blog, I’d have published them in a hard copy and charged 39.99 a pop.  Read closely though, because some of these might hit closer to home than you’d think.

For those of you who keep up with Blonde Girl and know what has happened in the past few months, I am the ex-ex-boyfriend y’all may have heard about, actually that I know y’all have heard about.  Please hold all hateful comments until you have finished reading.  For a while there I thought I knew what I wanted, and that was to be single and enjoy the standard college lifestyle, frequent your usual college bars, and make the same old poor decisions that college students have been making since young men and women first began running away from home to expand their education (and deteriorate their livers).  I had made up my mind to break up with my girlfriend thinking that this was what I wanted.  I had always been the guy who had a girlfriend since high school and something about not having to worry about anyone else but me seemed like a very enticing lifestyle, so I decided to chase it.  I went down and broke things off with her down at her school.  I figured that after everything I owed it to her to go down and do this face to face, probably the only redeeming thing I did through the whole ordeal.  Let me tell you though, that was the hardest thing I’d ever done in my entire life.  I mean, to stand in front of the girl you love and who loves you and to see her the way she was and to just shoot down all her pleas to fix things and just say “No.” makes you feel like the most soulless bastard on earth.  But enough self-deprivation, this isn’t about me it’s about you.  So we went our separate ways and began living our lives as we would’ve had we never met… for a while at least.  We would keep in contact because not only had we become a couple but we were best friends.  I could talk to her about anything and she could come to me when life threw her a curveball.  We’d pretend like we were both doing fine but I know each time our names flashed up on our phone that evil little spark of hope would re-enter her mind and just made things harder and harder.

 First thing I’m going to tell you is DO NOT TRY AND BE FRIENDS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST DON’T.  When the time is right for you to try and spark your friendship back up you’ll know, but don’t think it’ll be the week or the month or even the year after you break up. 

So we continued our awkward stay in the purgatory that was our “relationship” at that point, and I even told her to come visit me like two weeks after we’d broken up.  God I’m such an idiot.  But I can’t lie, I loved having her back, but I didn’t want to seem like too much of a fair-weather boyfriend so after she left I told her I had no intentions of getting back together with her.  That was the first time I realized I had made a huge mistake in leaving her.  The second came with the cooler delivery.

If you hadn’t picked up on it now then I don’t know what to tell you, but Blonde Girl is a complete and total sorority girl.  There’s no denying it, honey.  Her closets are filled to the brim with frocket tees and it’s been scientifically proven that there is a diet coke with 10ft. of her at any given time.  One of the skills honed in being a sorority (besides the toughness it takes to walk in Jack Roger’s) is cooler painting, which she excelled at.  Knowing this, my parents employed her to paint a cooler for my brother’s lacrosse team; a cooler that I might add looked spectacular.  Now they had asked this of her when we were still together but being the person that she was, Blonde Girl wasn’t going to let a stupid boy get between her and her crafting especially when she had already given her word that she would complete it.  It was the end of Thanksgiving Break and I had all my bags packed and ready to make the voyage back up to college, but I wasn’t going to leave before I got to see the girl who’d been in my mind since that  last time I’d watched her drive off into the distance in her little red car.  She came up to the door cooler rolling at her side and the only thing I could think when she stepped through my door was holy shit, she smells amazing.  We sat and talked for a while about how things had been and what our plans were for Winter Break which was right around the corner.  I cherished every moment I saw her flash that beautiful smile my way and was baffled by how much I missed just sitting next to her.  She left soon after and so did the calm, reserved façade I’d put up when she arrived.  For the next two weeks we talked non-stop.  It was like we were back together again and it felt wonderful.  Exams flew by and when it was time to head home, I knew there was one stop I needed to make before I got there. 

I went back down to see her and I remember that night beside her was without a doubt the best, most relaxing sleep I’d ever had in my life.  I’d found my place finally.  I can still remember what she said to me as she wrapped her arms around my neck for our final embrace before I left.

“Will you be mine again?”

  Since then we have been together and have been happier than ever.  The distance may get tough sometimes and we may not like arguing but I’ve realized I’d rather rough it with her than relax alone any day.

Now you’re probably thinking: “I thought you said this wasn’t about you?  Wtf dude?”   Well, let me finish. The many sleepless nights I had to think over my stupidity granted me the time to come up with a few theories about how to keep your relationship happy and timeless.


Relationships are Puzzles

It’s one of the truest things you’re going to hear your whole life.  When you first get into a relationship it’s as if you’ve looked at the pretty picture on the cover of the box and thought “wow that looks great, I want that”, and now you’ve just poured out all the pieces onto the table.  What you’re going to want to do next is to get a strong base for the relationship, or “Find the Corners.”  I use this expression because whenever I’d do puzzles with my mom she’d always do the outside pieces first because it gave her a better idea of where the inner pieces went.  Now I’m going to go a little more in depth and compare each person as a puzzle piece, so try and keep up.  When you put a puzzle together you’re looking for pieces which have matching indentions and protrusions, because without them the puzzle wouldn’t stay together.  The differences of the pieces are what keep the puzzle together to an extent.  Try matching pieces together that are too different and you end up forcing them and the puzzle (the whole relationship in this context) looks ugly and misshapen.  So find someone who’s just different enough and in the right ways to keep your interest but not piss you off too much.  That forms a great basis for any successful relationship.


It’s all about ENTHUSIASM!

Nothing worth anything in life is accomplished without enthusiasm so this section can be applied to your everyday life in almost any situation.

Have you ever seen those people who just exude coolness?  Like everything they do is smooth and effortless, and it just doesn’t seem like they can do any wrong?  Well I’m here to tell you, STOP TRYING TO BE THEM.  Seriously.  Some people are just born with the uncanny ability to accomplish anything without seeming like they’ve tried at all, and just as any successful illusionist will tell you, it’s all about misdirection.  While they might not seem like the most apathetic person alive, if they are more successful than you it is because their enthusiasm is elsewhere.  For those whose enthusiasm eludes them in life; I like my milkshakes with no cherry on top, thanks.

Now when you think about this in the context of your relationship understand that women love when guys are proud of them.    You can argue all you want but I have 4 billion women on this planet that will back me up on this.  So guys when you introduce your girlfriend make sure people know it’s your girlfriend, and be upbeat about it too.  Now here’s where the line is drawn: Don’t introduce her or constantly talk about her in a way that makes you seemed obsessive.  It’s off putting to the people around you and honestly, probably your girlfriend too.  Girls:  Guys want your enthusiasm in different ways.  Me personally, I love when my girlfriend greets me by jumping into my arms with a kiss and a huge smile on her face after a long hiatus.  But everyone’s different.  Now girls, while I say I love that I’d also like to let you know that you don’t want your words and hugs and smiles to lose their value.  How do they lose their value, you ask?  By doing it too much.  Understand the right times and circumstances for that big running, jumping hug, and when to plant one on your boo.  Too much of a good thing can be just as bad as not enough of it.  Find the happy medium.


Do the little things for huge returns

This one I’ll leave pretty concise because it’s something that everyone hears constantly when asking for relationship advice but sometimes we just seem to lose track on keeping up with it. 

Do y’all remember the first time your significant other did something little for you that you thought was adorable?  Or the first time you surprised them; the look of utter bliss that came upon them when they saw what you’d done?  You should.  And if not, you need to start now.  Remembering the good in your relationship and in your life as a whole is how we deal with the bad.  If we can’t look back on the roots of our relationship and remember how great it was it makes fighting to keep it alive down the road a lot more difficult.  As someone committed to another, in any way, you should want to see them happy, so don’t just stop at the generic cute comments or routines to do that.  Find out what kind of music they’re listening to and make them a mixtape.  Leave little notes around for them to find once you leave.  Anything to break the norm!!!  As I said in the last section, enthusiasm is everything.  Don’t let your love fall short because you weren’t willing to go above and beyond.


Well I hope you all have enjoyed this article.  Hopefully it’s been edited from its original size because good god is this thing long.  But when you close your computers or your iPhone browsers and go onto your day to day life as usual, don’t forget what you’ve read and take these ideas with you into your life.  Stay committed, stay faithful, stay happy and more importantly don’t go touching the stove after I’ve just showed you how hot and searing it can really be.

Inspiration Station

11 Jan

So I’ve been MIA since last year…. ha ha haaaaaa…

I hate those jokes too, sorry, the opportunity was just so.. there.

Anyway, I will save you all from hearing me go all “new year, new me”, because the truth is, that I am going to be the same Abby you all know and (hopefully) love. Except, I’m going to be better.

Lately, I’ve been inspired by so many people and the initiatives they’re taking in their own lives, that I’ve decided to up my game and be the same person I was, but a better version of that. 

My boyfriend has inspired me a TON. For starters, he’s picked up reading, for the sake of his inteligence. He’s a smart guy to begin with, but it is undeniable that those who read are generally more knowledgeable. He’s dedicated more time to working out and eating healthy as well, for the sake of his body. He inspired me to follow along to a reading list (, work out more, and be more mindful of what I put into my body. I won’t be kissing chick-fil-a goodbye forever, but toning it down won’t kill me. 

My new roommate has vowed to take her schoolwork more seriously, something that I definitely need to latch onto. I can honestly say that I’m not proud of my academic performance in my college career thus far, and this seriously needs to change. I start each semester with a gung-ho attitude about making A’s and being the perfect student. While I have accepted that I may never be the perfect student, I have been slapped in the face with the reality that I need to be the absolute best student I can be. I swore I would never take 18 credit hours again after last spring semester, but here I am again, in another spring semester, taking 18 credit hours. But, I am so determined to make this GPA the best of my career.

And as for myself, because I can never be too busy, I have picked a few things that I would personally like to work on.

1. Love harder.

  • Self explanatory. I’ve learned a lot about lovin’ in the last month or so, and it isn’t something to be taken lightly or given a half ass effort. Not that I have ever taken love lightly or not given it my all, but I’m going to take my typical whole-hearted effort and kick it up a notch….,or ten. 

2. Listen more.

  • I am so guilty of jumping to conclusions and not hearing people out. In fact, not just not hearing them out, just not listening to everything they say. I stop listening once I hear something displeasing and dwell on that. Welp, no more of that!

3. Fight for what I believe in.

  • Let’s be honest, we all get a little soft when faced with adverse opinions, and aren’t as strong as we should be as far as sticking by our feelings goes. Time for the year of “take no shit”.

4. Geniunely complement someone very day (because we all looooove a pick me up!)

  • I complemented a total stranger at Target earlier this week. Why? Because I liked her sweater and wanted to know where I could potentially pick one up for myself. You would have thought I had told her that she had won the lotto with the way she reacted. A huge, geniune smile beamed from her face, while genuine gratitude flowed out of her mouth. If I could make one person feel half that good at least once a day, why wouldn’t I?

5. Complete at least 20 pinterest crafts.

  • Now, y’all who know me know that I love to craft. But I notice that I’ve been crafting a lot of the same things. Canvases with quotes, and chug jugs have been my major concentrations. So, considering I have to furnish an apartment and make it pretty with another girl starting in the summer, I may as well put my artistic ability to use and make some cute, cheap, DIY projects to spruce up the place. This includes but is not limited to: picture frames, mugs, chalk boards, mirrors, and floor poofs. 

6. At least get halfway through my reading list (65 books in 52 weeks is a bit of a tall order for a business student, or any college student for that matter).

  • I can honestly say I havent read a novel, cover to cover, with dedication, since the summer before I left for college. And that was only because the university was “making” us read this book. Sure, the book kind of sucked, but not all books suck. I can’t limit myself to reading articles in Cosmo or on Buzzfeed. Now I’m not saying that I’m going to stop reading Buzzfeed while I’m studying or Cosmo while I’m painting my nails, but I think it is important that I do this, just for myself. I can read, and I have the priveledge to read. I need to take advantage of that. Aaaaaand read all of the classics that my high school english teahers never had us read. 

7. Stop making excuses.

  • “I don’t have gas”, “I’m sick”, “I don’t have money”, and my personal favorite “I can’t”. ENOUGH ALREADY! I’m going to regret those times that I blew off friends, family, a shift at work, among other things, for these stupid reasons. Half the time, the excuse isn’t even a true one. I know that makes me come across as an asshole, but lets be honest. We’re all guilty of making up those excuses to get out of things that aren’t necessarily obligations, but things that we would need an excuse to get out of. Time to stop that. Just do it. Is the 15 minute commute to work going to kill me? No. Is getting differ with a long lost friend really going to mess up my plans that much? Absolutely not. Just do it already. 

8. Worry less, and enjoy day to day life more.

  • I think I speak for everyone when I say that I let worries of what the future holds get to me. I’m so concerned about where I’ll be in     5 years that I forget to enjoy where I am now. College is the time where I am allowed to netflix binge, sleep until noon, go on random day trips, spend money on frivolous things (or even just a late night Cookout or Insomnia order). The real world comes way too fast, and I won’t be able to do most of those things without feeling some kind of guilt for it later. Because then I have to be grown up and mature and blah blah blah….

So there you have it guys, my list of imporovements effective for the year 2014.

“Do not make resolutions, make committments.”