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11 things

23 Nov

Upon reason Travel Babbles blog, I found her doing this and then was asked to do the same. So here we go guys!

The eleven questions y’all should answer
1. If your life was a movie, what would the title be?
North girl South
2. What was your absolute favorite show growing up?
Laguna beach, and it’s still my favorite.
3. Do you have a hobby outside of blogging? If so, what is it?
I am a craftoholic. Canvases, mason jars, anything you can find on Pinterest you can probably find in my apartment.
4. If you could be any Disney princess, who would you be and why?
I wouldn’t be one because I’m a strong independent woman and I don’t need no man!
Okay joking but, I would have to say I would probably be Cinderella. Partially because shoes changed her life, and she is the true definition of started from the bottom now we here. I’d like to think I could pull that off one day.
5. What is your favorite song at the moment?
Lately I am re-obsessed with wrecking ball by Miley. Post-breakup I couldn’t listen to it without bawling my eyes out which really pissed me off because I loved that song, but I can now successfully jam out to it sans tears.
6. If you could only go on three websites for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Twitter, wordpress, and tobi.
7. Which way does your toilet paper roll – over or under?
Under, even though Nathan would always say it’s supposed to be over.
8. What color is your toothbrush?
Green and white. Ware high til I die I guess?
9. What is your favorite recipe to cook?
I love cooking steak, any style, with steamed veggies and mashed potatoes and cheesey garlic bread. The BEST.
10. What would you do if you could be invisible for 24 hours?
Something I definitely shouldn’t.
11. If you won $100,000,000 what is the first thing that you’d buy?
Is paying my credit card bill considered buying something? Well after that I would buy a long coveted pair of Tory Burch boots and a massive pink gemstone cocktail ring from Tiffany’s.



19 Nov

Today was one of those days.

And by one of those days, I mean one of the best days of my life.

For the first time, in a really long time, I felt 100% content with my life.

And I don’t mean “No, I really am happy” coming out of my mouth half assedly. I mean full out grinning like a fool, feeling weightless, with that extra skip in my step, happy.

Today I did something I should have done a long time ago. Apologize.

About 5 or 6 months ago, someone shared some information with me that I took with a grain of salt, when I should have heeded that warning and took it way more seriously. Love makes us stupid, plain and simple. At least it made me a little stupid. He could do no wrong, and if I heard of anything I didn’t like, I’d ignore it and remain blissfully unaware of whatever I should have been paying attention to. I told this person they were crazy, delusional, among other really rude and uncalled for things. And I hadn’t spoken to them since, until today. For whatever reason, I had been feeling so guilty about how I treated her. She was really only looking out for me in the end, and instead of respecting and appreciating her honesty, I shut her down and called her a loon. (Word of advice, don’t do that). So today, I sent her a little message. Nothing too novel-esque, but long enough for me to explain that I was geniunely sorry for being so damn stupid and that she was right. And being a girl, I know that there is nothing that us fine creatures love more than to hear those magic words “You’re right”. A few minutes later, she responded telling me to call her later. So, I did. We ended up talking for about two hours, just about everything. And it felt awesome. It felt so great to right my wrongs and fix severed ties. Though this girl and I weren’t friends before, which is why I appreciate her honesty even more, because she didn’t have to be so kind to a total stranger, but now I can say we are. I mean hello, here I am in my apartment crafting for her because we decided to swap crafts. How freakin’ cute are we. I always kind of thought “Damn, if she didn’t hate me I actually think we would be good friends.” And hey, low and behold, we are. Funny the way life works out. 

So today, go right your wrongs. Talk to a long lost friend. Tell your mother you love her. Hug your puppy if you’ve puppy shamed it recently. Whatever. Just do something.

Now for genuinity. Today, My ex’s brother sent me quite possibly one of the most polite, geniune, awesome texts. It actually made me cry, real tears. Completely unexpected. I had been texting him on and off all day since his mother is comissioning me to paint a cooler for their high school lacrosse team. But when someone texts me “Abby, can I talk to you about something real quick?”, naturally I get scared, freak out, and think worst case scenario. Can’t let that be known, so I was just like “Absolutely Jake, whats up?” half expecting it to be cooler related or something totally different, I have no idea what I was thinking.

“I know things ended badly with you and _______, but I still love you like a big sister and I think that you’re a great person. Please don’t let anything that happened negatively between you guys get to you too much. Love you Abby, just keep your head up”.

Maybe it’s just me but that message, for whatever reason, with everything happening, pulled right at my heart strings and just boom tears waterworks whatever. It’s small and seems insignificant to probably 95% of people reading this post, maybe even closer to 100% but good god did that make my day. 

Timing. The final prong of this post. 

I’ve been getting too many thoughtful texts from my ex’s family today. I love thoughtful texts, but one from his mom made me really realize something.

Right person, way wrong time.

I fought admitting that up and down when I was still begging to keep the relationship alive, but its true. Nathan was a great guy, but he came in at a less than ideal time for the both of us. We’re young. We’re in college. I shouldn’t be concerned and stressed about a serious relationship, I should be concerned with what my game day plans are and stressed about stupid group projects. While the breakup was hard and hurt me, I realize that it really was for the best. Truthfully, I don’t know if I would have have studied abroad if I stayed with him. But now, I am looking into a maymester in Spain, and potentially a semester/year in Germany. I have been able to dedicate more time to my blog, my job, my sorority, my family, and my friends. 

Turn your wounds into wisdom.


It’s Been A While

17 Nov

I swore I wouldn’t make the same mistake I did last home game…… and I did.

Word of advice? Don’t just lose your ex boyfriends number, delete any evidence of its existence. Turns out even when I’m under the weather, I know to look far enough into my recent calls. How can I be that resourceful under those circumstances…? That’s so backwards!

But now for some real talk.

I have been struggling with something to write about for a while. Not because I’m having writers block or because my life has been THAT dull (because I promise you, it has been anything but in the past few weeks). But because I’m afraid of hurting some people with my posts. And by some people, I mean my ex. I feel like I can’t share with the rest of the world all the wonderful things I’ve been doing and all the amazing people I’ve been meeting. But today, I don’t care anymore. I want to write about the fun dates I’ve been on becuase hey, some of you all could draw from them and use them as your own date ideas. So… here they are.

I had a nice night in, with a dinner cooked for me and the Red Sox ALCS game 4 on the TV ready to be watched.

I went to World of Beer and the Blue Marlin, which is a complete dinner/drinks date.

I had bojangles delivered to me in my apartment because I was feeling blue.

I FINALLY SAW THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and good lord would I see it again. Kind of awkward when you’re there with another guy and you can’t stop swooning over Leo.

Sunday brunch, because what two students don’t like to feel classy for an hour?

Truth be told, I feel a lot like Elle Woods circa the original Legally Blonde. Me, being Elle of course, gets dumped by _____ or shall we say Warner Huntington thhe Third, and eventually meet my Emmett. Funny the way life happens?

I’m too tired to go into detail about this new fab find, but if you want to meet someone interesting, I suggest you hang out around the law school.



A Memory

1 Nov

So… we spoke again yesterday. And it made me realize something, something that has made getting over this easier.

I am in love with a memory. I am in love with a person who does not exist anymore. And that, my friends, is stupid.

I mean really, why spend time in some sort of pseudophillic mental relationship? Total waste. So, I can’t be sad anymore. I mean really, the past is no place to live, so why keep remembering the good ole days? Remembering them won’t just magically bring them back, no matter how many times you replay them in your mind. It’s the past, and it’s not coming back. I shouldn’t be upset and frustrated over something I really can’t control. It’s not fair for me to be hurting over the confusions and frustrations of a boy. Absolutely not. 

Short sweet and to the point today! Perks of being busy. Oh, and happy. Being happy means I have a lot less to complain about and  a lot more to smile about, and oh is it awesome!