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The Future Freaks Me Out

28 Jan

The future actually doesn’t freak me out, it’s just a song by Motion City Soundtrack (which  recommend you listen to).


In the past few days, actually just this weekend, I got really excited about my future.  Who am I kidding, I’ve been getting excited about my future ever since I made a Pinterest..I mean went to college.  But anyway…Maybe it was the excessive amount of homework I tackled (making me feel like a genius/superwoman), or the excessive amount of pinning I did to my dream house and dream wedding boards.  Regardless, I’ve come to the conclusion that my future is going to kick butt.  Also, snaps for me because my roommate and I have started a “swear jar” in a effort to clean up our mouths.  As broke college students, it’s proving very effective as we barely have money to spend at Monday Night Pav’s, let alone to drop an F-bomb.  Anyway, ways to be optimistic and excited about the future…

1. Life’s what you make it.

Okay, Hannah Montana.  So cliche, but so true.  So many people have the worst luck, and things don’t seem to work in their favor, but they keep their chins up and smile, because they’re making the most of their situation.  On the other hand, some people have amazing lives that they take for granted.  Those people tend to be absolutely MISERABLE.  Why?  Because they’re dealt the ultimate hand of life, and do nothing with it.  The happiest people have the least, material-wise that is, I’m noticing.  They get to appreciate all the little things in life, and isn’t that what matters the most?  I’m not saying Tiffany necklaces don’t get me going, because they totally do, but at the end of the day my amazing family, incredibly supportive boyfriend, and angels of friends are the number one things in my life.

2. You are who you surround yourself with.

All throughout high school, my parents would tell me this.  But, I was too social and friends with all types of people; the athletic popular kids, the hipster badass kids, the artsy quiet kids, and everything in between.  In the end, the type of label they fit isn’t what I mean by this.  I mean are they negative Nancy or positive Polly type people?  Negativity breeds negativity, so how on earth are you supposed to get excited when you’re surrounded by the Eeyore types of people?  I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it definitely isn’t easy.  I’ve found it is much easier to achieve success when surrounded by those who are cheering you on, not dragging you down.  Finding people who share in excitement for your future is such positive energy to feed off of!  Call those people “true friends”.

3. Hard work DOES pay off.

I spent my entire weekend (for the most part) doing homework.  With the exception of Friday night, I put my pretty little nose to grindstone and worked my butt off to finish the mounds of assignments that haunted me.  Today, around 3:30 in the afternoon, I finished 6 Spanish assignments, 3 genetics papers, 5 calculus assignments, and a photography project.  My reward to myself was an afternoon of coffee, FRIENDS, and Pinterest.  Sure, my reward wasn’t anything major or of monetary value, but peace of mind was another pretty big part of the reward.  Plus, you just feel good after conquering these sort of daunting tasks.  I busted butt for a little over a day, and in the end I had all my weeks work done, and I got to enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon and not have to worry about tomorrow’s classes and due dates and other stresses that come from an 18 credit hour schedule.  Though the reward seems lame and the tasks seem boring, my work paid off.  I can now somewhat enjoy the week ahead which includes (but is not limited to) 5 quizzes, rounds of Spring Rush, and Spanish compositions.  But like I said previously, optimism!

4.  Wherever you are, be there.

I cannot count the number of times my father included this phrase in the speech he would make at my school’s graduation.  He’s right though, you have to enjoy where you are.  That seems weird, because I’m talking about the future, yet I’m telling you to enjoy the moment.  Let me explain.  Enjoying the moment, enjoying the company you hold at that present moment in time, makes you appreciate what you have.  When you appreciate what you have, you’re content with your life.  Once you’re content with your life, you can start to think of the future.  When you have a pretty good idea that your life will be keeping the pattern it currently holds,  it makes mentally “planning” (I like to call it daydreaming) your future in the next 10, 5 even a year from now, exciting, fun, and easy.  So enjoy where you are, and the rest will fall into place, and it will be beautiful.

5. Think even father ahead (or behind).

Think 30 years from now, is the future you imagined in your head for that time something that your future family could be proud of?  No matter how amazing people’s parents are, the general consensus is that our generation wants to give our children more than our parents gave us.  That’s not to say that our parents didn’t give us enough, because I speak for several people I know personally who have been more than blessed by their parents.  Yet you always want to do even more, because as great as you may have had it, you always want better for your (not yet existent) children.   It’s an exciting concept.  For 18-22 years (depending on how much time you spent at home), you watched your parents go above and beyond, giving you and your siblings everything they possibly could.  Hopefully, you were incredibly grateful, too.  I don’t know about you, but I want to give my potential future children more than my parents gave me, and that’s saying something.  I was incredibly blessed throughout my childhood and continue to be.  But, I know giving my kids more means that I’ll have to work even harder than my parents.  When I was a baby, both of my parents worked 3 jobs, and some odd jobs like mowing lawns so that one day we could move into a bigger house.  When I was two, we moved into the house I spent the remaining 16 years in my hometown living in.  Maybe I will have to work 4 jobs, and recycle cans for 5 cents a pop, but that’s exciting.  Why?  Why not?


Bottom line, the future is just about anything you want it to be.  Why wouldn’t you want it to be everything you imagine?




Too much of a good thing

25 Jan

Is it a good thing?  Or not?

I can always count on my boyfriend for blog provoking conversation.  Last night, it happened to be clingy, annoying couples.

We all know one.  Those two people who cannot be without one another.  You want to hang out with your friend?  That’s great.  Hope you don’t mind hanging out with her boyfriend either, because the two are joined at the hip.  Sure, at first it is really cute.  You see them together, all the time, and think “Aw, how precious, I wish I had someone to be with all the time”.  And then, after a few days, months, years, it gets old.  Fast.

We all get it, you love your boyfriend.  And that’s great, really.  But being up his ass 24/7 (and vice versa, because boyfriends can be clingy too) is not going to do anything good for the relationship.  I mean really, when you see the person before school, during school, after school, after sports, and then go to sleep with them, when do you ever get time to actually miss them?  I mean is the phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder” dead?

I think that is the reason many relationships fail.  It’s too much, too soon.  Less and less people are realizing that the point of a relationship is not to completely give yourself up, but to trust some of yourself to another person.  So many people completely lose touch with who they are when they get into relationships like this, but they never actually realize it until the relationship ends.  Even though, during the course of the relationship, everyone tries to warn them.  But they don’t listen because their boyfriend is the greatest thing to happen to them and he’s the only thing they care about.  WRONG.  BAD BOYFRIEND ALERT.

Any boyfriend with brains wouldn’t want to be the ONLY thing his girl cares about.  A good boyfriend will support things that his girl cared about, long before he even came into the picture.  Like lifelong friends, hobbies, her sports teams (even if he isn’t Tom Brady’s biggest fan), and most importantly, her family.  The same goes for clingy girlfriends, what boy wants a girl constantly breathing down his back checking on his every move?  I can’t name any, and if you can, then I suggest you get them some help.

Anyway y’all, bottom line, too much of a good thing is never a good thing.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  I could use a million cliche sayings to get this point across, but I think you get the point.




23 Jan



Loooooooooooong Distance


It seems like every facebook post, TV show, instagram submission, or tweet is something involving love.  In some cases, specifically long distance love.  Ever watch the show catfish?  That is long distance love to the truest definition… even if the people aren’t always who they say they are.  But why is long distance frowned upon?  People often question the choices of those who involve themselves in those situations.  Why?  Because they don’t agree with it.  Why?  Because it isn’t easy.  

We live in a world where we just expect things to work for them.  More and more restaurants are using the drive through/takeout method, and foods are now labeled as “instant:.  Instant macaroni and cheese, instant pudding, instant laziness.  People don’t feel like putting effort into mundane tasks like cooking anymore, so why would they put effort into things that actually matter?  Like getting into a respectable college?  Doing well on tests?  Or involving themselves in a loving relationship?  

People just give up.  When faced with a challenge, many people just back down and say “I’m done”.  They don’t see the outcome as worth the effort.  And honestly, that’s just really sad.  So why do long distance relationships have that kind of frowned upon existence?  

When I tell people that my boyfriend lives 3 hours away, the looks I get should be photographed and put into a scrapbook.  I’ve gotten looks of confusion, gawking stares, disbelief, and my personal favorite, the laugh. Yes, laugh if you will.  Laugh at me for devoting a part of my life to someone I can see on the weekends.  No, it’s not that easy.  Not every weekend, rather every other weekend (if we’re lucky), but sometimes go as long as 5 weeks, and that’s pushing it.  Life isn’t easy.  I’ve come to terms with that.  This situation isn’t easy, and I knew that coming into it.  But I do it.  Why?  Everyone seems to wonder WHY.

Well, I’ll tell you.


I am not afraid.  The distance does not phase me in the least.  Sure, it would be nice to see him more (DUH), but the fact that I can’t see him all the time makes me appreciate the times I do get to see him.  I have the utmost trust in him.  Fear is no place for the LDR.

I’m not a wimp.  I can handle the terms of the relationship.  I do not whine, or complain, about how I haven’t seen him in weeks.  My timeline on twitter mostly contains retweets, drunken attempts at rap lyrics, half-asses insults, and girls complaining about how they haven’t seen their boyfriend since yesterday after their English 101 class.  Really now y’all? Don’t get me started on that.  Just know that I think that is complete and utter bologna, you don’t miss them.  You miss having them at your disposal.  

I don’t like to waste time.  Throughout high school, most of my friends dabbled in pointless relationships that they knew were going nowhere, yet they insisted on being a part of.  I, however, did not.  I didn’t want to waste time on something that I knew wasn’t going anywhere.  I had a few serious boyfriends of course, but the “hate you, break up, call me, “I love you”” type of relationships were the ones i steered clear from.  I know that what I have in my life right now is going to be there for a fair amount of time.  It isn’t a risk, its a building of my future.  It’s the same as leaving home for college in a way. It’s giving me an amazing outcome, but it takes a lot of guts.

The last reason I do this, is painfully obvious, yet is constantly overlooked.


Because I care.  Because I have an insane amount of love for him.  I don’t do this because I like not being able to see my boyfriend all the time, no, that honestly sucks.  It’s hard, it takes a lot of effort, and it will take every ounce of patience you have.  But for me, it’s worth it.  I don’t just have a boyfriend.  I have a lifelong friend, a companion, someone to cook for, someone who will not listen when I tell him to stop tickling me, and someone to care for.

I have always been the type of person who will go without so the people I care about and value can have things.  Earlier this year, I sacrificed nights out to hand-paint a cooler for him.  Not because he asked me to, and not because he needed it – because I wanted to.  In any sort of LDR, these little reminders of how much you care are so necessary.  You know deep down the other person cares, but letters, small gifts, surprises, anything that will put a smile on their face will make all the difference.  

The concept of a long distance relationship doesn’t only have to exist in a person’s love life, but it could be a part of their family, or a friendship, or anyone that you care about.  I go to school 1,000 miles away from my childhood friends.  Three of them go to school together in Worcester, MA, and the other few are working on their college plans as we speak.  Through gods gift to iphone users, Snapchat, I am able to send my friends little reminders that I didn’t forget them, and that I still exist and miss them quite terrible.  I skype my family when I have the time, because my 7 year old sister needs to know that I still care about her even though I can’t see her get ready for school every day.  My 14 year old sister texts me, random things, that seem insignificant, but I indulge in that conversation not because I love hearing about 9th grade drama, but because she needs to know I care from below the Mason Dixon line.

After all, you know what they say, “Distance is nothing when someone means everything”.

Technical Difficulties

22 Jan

So, I’ve been MIA for quite some time.  Not because I stopped caring, or because I got lazy, but because I had a huge oopsies as far as technological aspects of blog/website-keeping goes.  I had two accounts, and only linked one to the website, while posting onto the other which wasn’t linked. Which is also why some of my posts are in a strange order now.  BUT! I have it all figured out now, and I will be posting much more regularly, yay!

Old news: Winter break made me realize that even though you can always go home, don’t expect much to change.  Because it wont.  Also, not to become to attached to your cell phone, because as I’m typing this on my laptop, I am expecting auto-correct to kick in and add my apostrophes as necessary and adding periods to the end of my sentence whenever I hit the space bar twice.

New News: My classes are making my life hectic.  Six classes are a whole lot different than five. Though it may seem like a small difference, when most of the classes are painful gen-eds that you have to take regardless of your major, it is EVERYTHING. Although I have enrolled in a digital photography class to hopefully act as a relaxation method for the stress that will ensue this semester.  Except the class is at 8:40 AM on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Joy.


Off to the srat castle for dinner, yay Mexican cuisine from our fabulous chefs!




Second Semester Blues

14 Jan

Welcome back to school y’all! I bet you’re all super excited, and I pray nobody has those god awful 8 AM classes we all hear about.  If anyone is feeling the way I am about the start of a new semester, you’re making this face right now, or will be when classes start:



How precious.  Anyway…

I cannot describe how happy I am to be back in Columbia.  After how much I thought I hated it in the beginning, I have definitely grown to love where I am.  I suggest anyone above the Mason Dixon line to come down and see what the southern lifestyle is all about – its really freakin’ cool.  Sweet tea will forever taste better than regular crappy unsweet lame excuse for tea, and biscuits are my new favorite breakfast food.  

But really y’all, this next semester is a chance to fix whatever we may have messed up on the first semester.  I know after my not so hot grades came out, I realized I had to step up my game this time around.  That means no more Monday Night Pavs, or Muchos nights with the girls.  Instead I will be partaking in Moes Monday and parties in the 5th floor of Thomas Cooper Library.  Determined?  You betcha. 


Good luck to everyone with their classes, let’s make this semester one for the books!