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Excuse My Absense

23 Dec

Being home = a lot to catch up on.  Between working major shifts at work to cover the expenses of the car I just bought, and spending time with family and friends, I’ve been stretched pretty thin.  But, for today’s post, I have a great story with a real moral behind it.

My 7 year old sister, Rachel, loves getting her nails done.  Crazy, right?  I mean she’s 7, not many 7 year olds have had the privilege of visiting a nail salon.  Anyways, for her birthday, one of her friends got her a gift certificate to a local nail salon.  Her birthday is in October, and her party was in the beginning of September (she wanted to have a pool party with her friends).  She waited until today to use the gift card, because she wanted my other sister and I to be with her to use it; “Sister Bonding Day”.  I cannot believe how selfless that was of her.  A 7 year old kid, who loves manicures, waits for her sisters to be able to share in the gift with her.  Of course, I love getting my nails done too, so I knew she did this with good thought.  It’s close to the holidays, and everyone’s getting caught up in the “spreading holiday cheer” and random acts of selflesness.  Why not keep that going, all year long?  I mean little things like this, can make anyone’s day.  Keep the goodness going folks, good karma is a good thing to have.



The Simple Things

15 Dec

I’m typing this from a horrifically uncomfortable seat in the airport terminal while I wait for another 45 minutes to board my plane home (YAY!)  But, while I’ve been sitting here, I feel like I’ve done more good in the 20 minutes I’ve been sitting here (so far), than I did all semester in Columbia.  I personally thanked every service man or woman I saw walking through the airport.  I helped an older woman with her bags to the terminal.  I even bought a complete stranger (service man) a coffee at Starbucks.  It’s the little things in life.  In the end, people will never remember the leaps and bounds you do for them, but the small, seemingly insignificant things.  I don’t know why, maybe it’s all this holiday spirit building up inside of me, but I can’t stop doing nice things lately.  I believe doing random acts of kindness is addicting. Once you start, you cannot stop.  Why?  Because it feels good.  It really feels amazing, knowing that even though you don’t know the person, or have a close relationship with them, you still went above and beyond in some way, catching them completely by surprise.  I can guarantee you, none of the marines I said thank you to expected me to say anything, let alone thank them for all they do for our country.  Not because I look miserable, but they seldom hear the thanks they deserve.  So lets keep the goodness going.  Hold the door open for someone, pay for the person behind you in line’s coffee.  Hell, even go all out like my darling, and ridiculously generous mother, does, and buy them dinner.  Anything that you can do, and think would make someone smile, do it.

I dare you.


The Final Final

14 Dec

As of tomorrow at 12:45 in the afternoon, I will be leaving Columbia, SC for a month.  I have such mixed feelings about it, as I can’t wait to get to my hometown and see all of my family and friends that I’ve missed so much in the last 4 months.  However, I’m going to miss all of the amazing friends that I have made so far at USC.  It’s bittersweet, knowing that the only thing connecting me to these friends is an intense Snapchat relationship and an obscene amount of group messages.  It’s also bittersweet knowing that I am so close to being home surrounded by my amazing family and friends, but first I have to survive one more final, in my least favorite subject – YAY.  I say the “yay” with heavy sarcasm and a side of resentment for my professor who decided a 9 am final on a Saturday was a good idea.  I’ve packed my bags, and done all of the possible busy work to keep me from cramming useless algebraic terminology into my head.  I mean let’s face it, I’m a business major, and the only thing I remember learning in this class is how to calculate the percentage of real gold in a given substance.  Sad, because what I really would like to do is take a class that pertains to my major.  

In the end, I’m going to study, not because math gets me going and I love it so much, but because I need to.  Being in college has really taught me the difference between wants and needs.  Sure, I really want to go to Mucho’s right now for a girl’s night out with my roommate.  But, I need to study for this exam. 


Also, anyone reading, please send prayers to those victims of the Newtown, CT elementary school shooting.  No child, family, teacher, or human, deserves the pain an individual has caused today.  God bless.